Jianmo Ni

Ph.D. in Computer Science Department
University of California San Diego
Email: jin018 [AT] ucsd.edu

About Me

Welcome to my personal website!
I am a fourth year Ph.D student in Computer Science Department, University of California San Diego, advised by Prof. Julian McAuley.
Before that, I received my B.E. from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, M.E. from the Joint Waseda University-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Master Program.
My research interests fall into the category of Conversational AI, Natural Language Generation, Question Answering and Recommender System. I spent three wonderful summers at Wechat AI (2017) and Microsoft Research (2018) and Google AI (2019). I am seeking a full-time Research/SWE position starting in 2020 June.


We have released a new version of the Amazon review dataset [link] which includes more and newer reviews (i.e. reviews in the range of 2014~2018)! Welcome to play with the dataset and do interesting research!


Work Experience

Teaching Experience